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Sample Meeting

“Unless you live your life, you will have nothing to examine.” – R. Angelozzi, member since 2002

Communication and Leadership are the two main aspects of education at Toastmasters. Roles and speaking assignments are designed to foster and develop skills in communications and leadership.

The agenda for a Foothills meeting falls into three main areas:

1. The “Business Session” (20 minutes)
This is a terrific opportunity to learn how to conduct a meeting using parliamentary procedure (requirement for board meetings). We have lots of fun during these sessions at the same time.

Our business meetings are based upon Robert’s Rules of order and are excellent practice for participating in or chairing formal meeting sessions for:
– Professional Organizations
– Political and Legal careers
– Corporate Boards
– Charitable Organization Boards
– Community Associations
– Condo Boards

2. Table Topics (25 minutes)
Members are called upon to speak unrehearsed on a topic chosen by the Table Topics Master.

This session gives members the chance to practice speaking on an impromptu topic – perfect for “off the cuff” presentations, unrehearsed speeches, or when asked to speak on very short notice.

3. Prepared Speechs and Evaluation (60 minutes)
This session consists of 3-4 prepared speeches of a member’s choosing.

All speeches are evaluated by another member, and receive written evaluations from most members of the club, as well.

Toastmasters provides a manual of speech projects designed to focus on one or more aspects of speech delivery such as gestures, vocal variety, vocabulary, and structure.

Weekly Involvement
Members are scheduled to participate in the weekly meetings, beginning with easier tasks, such as the “Invocation” or “Toast.” From there, your participation will expand at the rate at which you feel comfortable.

Toastmasters is a non-profit organization. All local leadership roles and responsibilities within the club are filled on a volunteer basis.